Embedded System and its Applications.


Embedded system is a combination of hardware and software, but it is used for a single or particular task.


  • Traffic lights
  • Washing machine
  • ATM
  • Fax machine
  • Printer
  • Digital Camera
  • Microwave oven etc.
Is Mobile Phone is an Embedded System or Not?

Mobile phone is not an Embedded system, no doubt it is the combination of hardware and software. But mobile is multi tasking device means we do multiple things with the help of mobile, like we use internet, listen songs, click images, call someone and many more.

So we can say that mobile phone is the combination of multiple embedded systems but itself it is not an embedded.

Software used:

  • keil (used for programming in embedded c)
  • Proteus (used to simulate the circuit).

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  • 8051 micro-controller
  • PIC 
  • AVR
  • ARM
  • Arduino uno
  • Raspberry pi
  • Internet of Things
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