Power Supply Circuit Designing in Proteus

This power supply circuit shows you, how to convert 220v AC into +5v DC. Below is the circuit diagram of power supply:

The following components are required for power supply:

  1. Transformer — (12-0-12) or (9-0-9):
    Transformer is a device which is used to increase or decrease the voltage or current. There are two types of transformer’s
    a. Step Up : Increase the Voltage
    b. Step Down : Decrease the Voltage
  2. Rectifier : It is used for to convert AC into DC.
  3. Regulator (7805): Regulator is a device which is used to regulate the voltage. 78 represents the series of regulator and last 2 digits means (05) represents the output voltage. If we create 12 v then we can use 7812 regulator.
  4. Capacitor: It is used to store the low amount of charge, which helps to protect circuit from burning effect.
  5. Resistance (4.7 ohm)
  6. LED (Light Emitting Diode)

Now we learn how to design a power supply circuit in Proteus:

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